Whittle WoodWW_10 Inc. is an all-Canadian company making wood products with a commitment to old school quality in craftsmanship.

The company found its roots in Grandpa’s woodshop. On afternoons when he would turn on the lights and set to work on another project, right behind him were his two grandsons trailing along. They stood by his bench and watched Grandpa, intrigued and impressed by his work. He would teach them the value of woodworking, all the tricks of the trade and entertain them with toys he would whittle from his left over wood. Soon the boys got older and the projects in the shop saw another two helping sets of hands. The men shared a love for the work and they were a team of carpenters. As the years passed the projects slowly saw one less set of hands as Grandpa got older and was able to do less.

In his memory, Whittle Wood Inc. was born. The products coming out of the Whittle Wood Inc. woodshop touch the hands of carpenters who were taught the art of woodworking.


We hope you enjoy your Whittle Wood Inc. products, as we promise to bring you modern products with old school durability and craftsmanship.